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In a nutshell, dentistry’s answer to Google.

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In a nutshell, dentistry’s answer to Google

  • Only the best deals from manufacturers and suppliers
  • Directory listing of dentistry specific industry professionals

  • CE courses searchable by subject, location, and date
  • Product comparison

Quick. Easy. Searchable.

Dent247 is more than a website, it’s your solution to everything dental!

Created by actual working dentists to make our lives easy. Saving time and money is our goal here. No longer go through millions of accountants that don’t understand the dental industry. Don’t like a product? Quickly search for what competition is out there. Tired of going through millions of flyers? You will find only the best deals from the manufacturers and distributors here. Want to take a CE course on a particular subject, date, and time? It’s here. Everything we do is to try to save time and money to make our lives easier.



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